Our Australian culture does not really support Whistleblowers.     Nice quote here… The former NSW Police Commissioner Tony Lauer summed up official government and police attitudes as: “Nobody in Australia much likes whistleblowers, particularly in an organization like the police or the government.”  REF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whistleblower#Australia

Having been one, around church/christian school misconduct,  it takes quite a toll on the reporter.  Most often the perpetrator(s) have the position of strength and can use all they organisations assets to crush the reporter, just look at the current Royal Commission into Banking, banks abusing the “little people” with no regard for the consequences.

So what do we do?   Well my advise is to run not walk away from the situation as fast as possible,  you risk a great deal for little return and nobody thanks you.  Its very sad that we have come to this point, but this is where society is at.

The “coalition”  fought very hard not to have the Royal Commission into Banking, voting it down many times,  until the groundswell within it own party could not be silenced.  see the result,  AMP in dire straights, Commonwealth Bank’s reputation very tarnished.

All it needs for evil to flourish is for people of good will to do nothing.– Edmund Burke

Sorry if this appear to be a ramble,  just my 10c worth!

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$5,000 for a hours work?

We have all seen those Citibank ads that show the beautiful people enjoying life with credit cards, implying that swap you credit card for a CitiBank card, transfer the balance and life is great.  Finder.com.au has a similar story.

So I tried it,   Finder.com.au.   Did an application directly from their website for a Bank,  lets call that bank W.  So here is what happened.   Completed the app in 10 minutes,  got an email to say I was pre-approved and a list of documents required to complete the deal.

Downloaded the statements, send to W, and waited, called them, got a call centre that didn’t sound Australian, but thats ok. It seamed like we were working from 2 different application forms.  Here’s an example. (Him)  Where is the rent from you investment property on your statement.  I can only see 1 payment.  (Me) Correct, look at the last business day of the month,  Deposit from L J Hooker.  (Him) Where are the other weeks payments ( Me) the managing agent only pays me once a month.    This went on for a while.   I think in total I made 4 calls, send the same documents twice. We got their in the end.

So whats the outcome look like.  Well the old Credit Card was not paid off in full, I know, very bad and the interest was 21%.  so about 200-300 per month in interest.  The new card has 2 years 0% interest on balance transfers.  so in theory thats about 5k saved.

We shall see if works out.  My kids pay board to the credit card account so they are reducing the amount for me.


Update ##

So the new Credit Card provider only allows 80% of the debt to be rolled over and they have no control over the closing of the old credit card.  So it would be possible ( but very irresponsible) to not reduce the limit on the 1st card, it would be so easy to into further difficulty.


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Crazy Australian Politics

The Australian political scene is negative and toxic.  I usually keep my political comments to myself as everyone has an opinion and some can be very forceful in proving their point.

But 2 issues have really pissed me off ( well possibly 3)

  1. Barnaby Joyce – personally I don’t really care if he cheated/did not cheat on his wife. The news cycle provided a number of other issues around this. They remain unanswered.

    What was the cost for the by-election?  How can an incumbent MP,  be able to stand again, when the reason for the by-election is they were ineligible the first time around.  This is like lying on your resume, getting caught out and keeping the job.  That’s not how it works in the real world.

    Accommodation free from a Mate?  Sound really helpful is a stressful time, but he happens to be a property developer.  Is this a conflict?   we don’t know.  We will probably never know.  But it doesn’t look right.  Plus the guy earns $400K plus a year and could not afford to rent a 1 bedder in Armidale?  His “trade” before becoming a MP,  Accountant.  They know how to manage money or at least should.

    The employment of said girlfriend,  3 jobs in MP’s offices.  Is this above board?  Was this the best use of taxpayers money, or was it a jobs for mates?  We will never know.

    Use of Expenses, did he really need to spend 50 days in Canberra when parliament was not sitting.  And that charter flight at a cost to taxpayers of reportedly over $3k.  This seems to be excessive to me.  Did you know the freedom of Information process won’t answer these questions.  We are to take a MP’s word on it was for “business”  a FOI request can take up to 6 months to be complied with and it can be redacted, (Its a cool word http://www.dictionary.com/browse/redacted)  so they can blank out anything incriminating. I wonder if any MP would charter a flight if they had to pay for it out of their income.

  2. Michaelia Cash and the Union Raid Tip off,  something stinks here,  but again we will never know.  Staff have been moved, data apparently lost and she just rants.  The public, (wake up MP’s we pay your wages)  don’t like being treated as fools. “public interest immunity” is the verbal version of redacting.   I don’t have to tell as it might embarrass me or the government.  Stack the committee so the government wins any challenge.  Who can forget the RANT.  Here if you missed it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PofU79Z1qAs
  3.  Don’t get me started on the Same Sex Debacle.

To all MP’s, we expect better behaviour from our elected officials.  We expect that what is in the best interest of their constituents is how our MP’s should vote. Not part lines, not what the PM says.  What do the people who elected you want? it would be very interesting to compare how the electorates votes on the SSM Vote and how the MP’s in those seats voted.   I doubt that the data would be available to me the average Joe Public.






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it’s been a while

I have been meaning to post for a long time,  so here’s a quick update.   Changed jobs, stopped 4wding and photography.

Very sad my hobbies went away. I will be revisiting them this year and joining Toastmasters.

I do a fair about of speaking to groups for my work. ( IT Sales)  and I never get feedback on how I’m doing.  I think I could do better so lets see what Toastmasters can do for me.

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Systems… everyone needs systems

We live in a regimented world.    Most things work on a schedule or a system.  Public transport, shopping, phones etc.

How do you hack them to get the most out of your day.


Here is a few of mine:

I fly very frequently for my work. I always choose the same seat.  Exit row, Isle.  Sometimes its slightly different due to the plane, but it is usually row 13 & 14.  I love the extra leg room and it just makes it a little easier to travel. If you sit on the isle seat, there is a button under the armrest that will allow you to put the armrest up, really handy when getting up to exit the plane.

I use a parking service, they run me to the airport and park my car. I call them when I return, they pick me up. Same price as public parking at the airport.

Uber is my transport, always.  I love that I can get in a car and never hand over my credit card.  I get receipts emailed to me so expenses are easy and you never have to hand over a credit card.

I use an Ikea cube for all my toiletries at home, then I just put it in a zipper bag and take it on my travels, this takes seconds to do.

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It’s official, I am a horder….


I have been tidying up around the house and my office….

how does this happen? Why do I have 10 computer hard drives and a full box of coffee cups with a logo and phone number that I have not used for 7 years….   I found 4 Nokia phone charges…   why?I haven’t had a Nokia phone for at least 5 years probably longer..

Change of plans.. throw it out.  I am going to try this.. ” if I haven’t used it in 1 year, it gets thrown out, sold or given to charity”… I will post on my progress….

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2013-08-24 The Entrance Baths Sunrise - dr Suess

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